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CentOS 2 in docker


(Declanmc) #1

Is it possible to get a docker container to run CentOS 2 inside of it?

I have tried tar’ing up the system and importing it but it says /bin/bash doesnt exist when this is done

any help is much appreciated

(Ranjandas) #2


What do you mean by CentOS 2? and which commands did you execute to get the above error?


(Declanmc) #3

As in the OS CentOS 2.1.

I ran docker run -i -t -d <image id> /bin/bash

(Jeff Anderson) #4

That would suggest that your image does not contain a /bin/bash executable. You can only run commands that are in the image.


(Declanmc) #5

It is there however, if i browse the tar file i used in the import it is in fact there.