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Using CentOS 7 image in Docker


(Reynierpm) #1

This is my first time with Docker so as usually I am having a few doubts. I am running Windows 10 x64 as a host with all virtualization flags enabled and I have installed Docker. I am reading and following the guide at this link but I want to do using CentOS instead of the image them use as example for which I found the CentOS image and get this, all right but what is the next command I should run: docker pull centos or something like docker run docker/whalesay cowsay boo (which by the way I don’t know the proper one for CentOS)? Any advice on this?

(Thinhduckhoi) #2

If you want to use Centos, “docker pull centos” is the command you need to “download” Centos OS into your computer.

(Reynierpm) #3

Great, thanks I used another command docker run -it centos but the one you gave me should works too