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Centos install Problems

Installing on centos 7.
have been running docker for a long time
have production apps now down

cannot install because I am getting this error
sudo yum install docker-ce docker-ce-cli

Then i get
Package docker-ce is obsoleted by moby-engine, trying to install moby-engine-19.03.12+azure-2.x86_64 instead

finally the errors are thrown
--> Running transaction check ---> Package moby-containerd.x86_64 0:1.3.6+azure-1 will be installed ---> Package moby-runc.x86_64 0:1.0.0~rc10+azure-2 will be installed --> Processing Conflict: moby-runc-1.0.0~rc10+azure-2.x86_64 conflicts runc --> Processing Conflict: moby-containerd-1.3.6+azure-1.x86_64 conflicts containerd --> Finished Dependency Resolution Error: moby-containerd conflicts with Error: moby-runc conflicts with

oooo big surprise, it has to do with the ms packages i installed…

Package Arch Version Repository Size

Installing: x86_64 1.2.13-3.2.el7 docker-ce-stable 25 M
docker-ce-cli x86_64 1:19.03.12-3.el7 docker-ce-stable 38 M
Skipped (dependency problems):
moby-containerd x86_64 1.3.6+azure-1 packages-microsoft-com-prod 31 M
moby-engine x86_64 19.03.12+azure-2 packages-microsoft-com-prod 23 M
moby-runc x86_64 1.0.0~rc10+azure-2 packages-microsoft-com-prod 4.5 M

if your running dotnetcore then beware. Guess that is why i run containers instad of naitive :wink: