CentOS Support with upcoming EOL

My company is just starting to use containerization and want to ensure we are pursuing the correct path. We are using Red Hat Enterprise 9 for our Linux virtual machines. As such, docker doesn’t work right out of the box for us. What I’ve found on a couple of other forums is that you can use the CentOS version to get it to work on RHEL (as CentOS is downstream of RHEL). This does work for what we need/want for the present time. My question is will the CentOS project is going EOL this year will there still be CentOS docker packages still be updated regularly?

You worry about Docker updates, but not about Linux security updates?

Thare are multiple things I don§'t understand in the question.

  • RHEL is supported by Docker and even RHEL 9. The restriction is that Docker supports only s390x architecture. I don’t know on which architectures RHEL is supported as an operating system.
  • I’m not entirely sure what EOL you mean.
    • The Official centos docker image is deprecated and hasn’t been updated since the end of 2022 and the latest tag since september 2021. So that will not be updated.
    • Docker CE is supported on CentOS 7, 8 stream and 9 stream. If the repository of CentOS 9 stream worked for you on RHEL 9, then we can ask if Docker CE will be supported as long as CentOS 9 stream is supported, and I don’t think Docker will stop support an operating system before the end of life of that OS. At least I haven’t heard about any announcement that would indicate the end of support soon.
    • It seems RHEL 9 and CentOS 9 stream is supported until 2027 (CentOS Stream 9). When that support ends, there is no reason for Docker to support the OS.
  • What are “docker packages”? The centos image is not supported, not updated, Docker CE is supported and probably will supported until the EOL of the OS, except that the fact that the CentOS repo works on RHEL now, doesn’tit is not guaranteed that it will always work. And the packages provided by the operating system has nothing to do with Docker…

Yes we are concerned about those but my question is about the docker updates. There is a DISA STIG guidance for RHEL 9 (Ver 1, Rel 0.1) as well as for Docker Enterprise (Ver 2, Rel 1) that we are required to adhere to.


I will try and clarity to each of your questions:

  • RHEL 9 is a x86_64 architecture.
  • I did not realize that the community edition of CentOS that was going to continuously supported even after being absorbed by Red Hat.
  • The “Docker Packages” to which I refer are the RPMs listed under https://download.docker.com/linux/centos/ as a repository.