Change github repo underpinning automated build

I have an organisation repo which is using my personal github repo to build from. I put together a fork github repo which I would like to change it to. How would I do that without tearing the whole thing down and rebuilding it?

Hi Jeremy,

Not sure if I am following the issue. Do you want to change the github source repo of an automated build? If you are in Docker Cloud, you will only need to Edit your repository and change the source git repo. The build history and the contents of the docker repo will remain unchanged.


Its in Docker hub, so I have an automated build backed by my personal repo
which I want to migrate. I looked and couldn’t see any way to change once
it was setup


Hi is there any help for this? Do I have to rebuild it from scratch?

I’m also looking for the same thing. Is there a way to change the underlying GitHub source repo for a Docker Hub image repo?

If anyone need to change the source repo of an automated build, michaelmior has written a step by step instructions here:

Basically disable automated builds in docker hub, create automated builds on docker cloud instead for the same docker repo.