Automated Builds

Hi all

I’ve completely lost the plot here, please can someone help me out?

We’ve got a github organisation, and we’ve got a docker hub/cloud organisation.

How on Gods green earth do I set it up so that when someone pushes to the master branch in a repository in our github organisation, that will trigger a redeploy of the service/container/stack in our docker cloud organisation?

There’s so much erroneous information out there about this it’s incredibly difficult to work out how to do this, and it’s driving me crazy.

I got it working from a personal github account to a personal docker account, without too much bother, but getting it working with organisations is proving too much for me.

I’ll write a blog post describing how to do it once I’ve worked it out, as pay back.

Hey @vanderkerkoff,
You may need to adjust the settings you’re using to connect your org’s github account with the builds in Cloud.

It sounds like you’ve got this working in one place, but just to make sure:
Link github org to Cloud org. Set up autobuilds for the repo and make sure master is mapped - either explicitly to master or to latest or whatever. (Worth testing to make sure it rebuilds on push to the repo.) When setting up the service/stack, make sure you’re specifying the tag that’s going to get rebuilt, and then make sure autoredeploy is enabled.

Can you give us more detail about where it’s falling over for you when trying to do this as an org account?