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Change my mind : Container names are stupid

Is this supposed to be some kind of a joke?

Im just starting with docker and I already have a containers names like :

condescending_jones friendly_keldysh laughing_bose nice_dirac
crazy_lichterman jolly_cori musing_herschel serene_ramanujan
eloquent_ishizaka jolly_faraday naughty_darwin sweet_merkle

And I have to inspect it to find what I need, great!

Wtf devs didnt want to use container names that actually means something or at least points user to something?

Just name it with --name?

Might be some sort of a solution for a next time.
But I wasn’t prompted to do so and now I have an army of nonsense names, wouldnt be a problem if the container names could represent some image names and version by default.