Proposal: rename category "Docker Hub" to "Docker Hub (the registry)"

Few people seems to understand what “Docker Hub” is, maybe that would help to guide new questions more often to the right category.

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I agree that some people don’t know what Docker Hub is, but it is not just a registry. The category description actually contains “”, but I’m pretty sure that not many people read that so something in the category name could help maybe.

Unfortunately, the issue is the same with other categories like “Community”, “Tips & HowTos” or “Docker Desktop for Linux”, since some people don’t know what Docker Desktop is or just see “Linux” and they don’t know what “Docker Engine” (the right category) is.

So there are probably too many categories. Personally, I don’t open a topic in a category when I don’t understand what the category means, but that is something we can’t fix easily :frowning:

We started to rethink the whole category system once, but the process stopped somewhere and mainly new categories were created.

Thank you for your suggestion. It is good to hear others opinion about categories besides the opinion of staff members and moderators, but I don’t think it would be as easy as adding “the registry” to the category name. Even though I suggested something similar for the “Community” category like “Questions about the community” or “About the community” since it is often misunderstood and used as “Questions from the community” which is what the entire forum is.

Maybe we don’t need a perfect name but something that makes it more obvious what it is for and your suggestion could work too.