Change vdhx location in docker beta v.1.11.2-beta15

Is there a way to change the location of vdhx file for example to d:?

Have you tried just moving it with Hyper-v manager?

  1. Start Hyper-V manager
  2. Stop “MobyLinuxVM”
  3. Move the file “c:\users\public\documents\hyper-v\virtual hard disks\mobylinuxvm.vhdx” to where you want it
  4. MobyLinuxVM -> Settings
  5. SCSI COntroller -> Hard Drive -> Virtual Hard Disk -> Browse (find where you put it earlier)
  6. OK
    1 restart the VM

Completely untested - but the paths should(!) not be hard coded anywhere as there is no guarantee that this is where hyper-v is configured to store VM disks by default.

As always make sure you have a backup before you take untested solutions from the interweb!

That works…thanks. But just to note…if u then change any setting in the
docker client and apply…Everything u change directly Hyper-v manager will