ChangeQuestion about changing user to organization

I work for a small company and we bought license on Docker Hub for having private repo’s just a few weeks ago. We are transitioning our product to microservices and Docker is coming very handy. However we have got into a pickle because of a mistake made during setup of our docker hub account. Here is the what happened -

  1. Created a user account on (lets say ‘foo’). Mistake was to not convert this to a ‘organization’ right away. It continues to be a user account
  2. Created a organization under this user (lets say ‘fooOrg’). We then bought the ‘Large’ plan to host 50 private repo’s for this org (fooOrg)
  3. So all our private repos now are under fooOrg (fooOrg/AAA, fooOrg/BBB etc). When I login to docker hub it shows me that ‘foo’ can host only 1 private repo while fooOrg can host 50 private repo’s

Given this situation, here is what I want to know -

Since it is still early days and we have just created about 10 private repo’s so far, we can afford to delete all of them. Now, if I delete all private repo’s and the organization called fooOrg, and then convert ‘foo’ to an organization, will the license for the ‘Large’ plan to host 50 private repo’s get transferred from ‘fooOrg’ to ‘foo’ automatically? I want to have private repos called foo/AAA, foo/BBB etc