Changing environment variables

Hi Guys

I have the following problem, I have Zabbix in Docker and I had an IP conflict problem with the Default Docker IP ( so I changed it to, all applications received their due IP normally, when restarting the containers I lost my access to Zabbix Web and Zabbix Server and I verified in the LOG of both that the problem is in the connection with MySQL because they are still trying to find it through the IP, I have already made all the necessary changes in the Web and on the Server in the path /etc/zabbix/%%%%.conf and /etc/zabbix/%%%%.conf.php and it still didn’t help, I found that the settings are in the ENV of the Zabbix-Web and Zabbix-Server containers, so they are not changed according to the configuration files, I spent some time trying to change the ENV of the already executed containers, but without success, if anyone knows how do, please explain to me.​