Help for Zabbix Container

Hello guys!
I’m Brazilian, so I’m sorry for my bad English.
I am a novice (but not so much) in Docker.
I need to get a question about Zabbix Container.
I created 2 containers, zabbix-database and zabbix-web, and until then Zabbix is working, with the exception of the part “Graphics” where it shows me a different time than the current one (2 hours more).
I read in the documentation that I can put the environment variables --env =" TZ = America / Sao_Paulo " and --env =" PHP_date_timezone = America / Sao_Paulo " at the time of creating the containers so that the scheduling problem if it does, but has no effect. In addition to the environment variables, I applied “-v / etc / timezone: / etc / timezone” and “-v / etc / localtime: / etc / localtime: ro”, but I still do not have Zabbix local time.
Both containers have local time right, the database in the second container is also normal time …
Anyone have any idea what I can do?

I haven’t used the Zabbix images, what image are you using for the zabbix-web container?



I’m using the officers:
For zabbix-db: monitoringartist / zabbix-db-mariadb
For zabbix-web: monitoringartist / dockbix-xxl: latest

In each of them I made edits and then I used the commit to do a version of mine.

Hi again,
I’ve reviewed the environment variables that those images can use and I’ve checked the info you’ve provided but haven’t found anything helpful :frowning: