Changing the DockerNAT IP Address

Is there any way to change the IP range used for the DockerNAT connectivity? Currently 10.0.75.x is not accessible when I’m attached to our corporate VPN, however if I move it to the 192.168.3.X it would be.

It would be easy to change the DockerNAT IP itself, but what about the IP addresses that get handed out?


we were working on this for this weeks beta, but it didn’t quite make it, but should be available in the Beta next week.


Did this ever get resolved? We’re working with a client who already uses the network internally. To avoid conflicts with it I need to change DockerNAT to use a different network.

I found the settings in the Docker for Windows UI. It would be nice though to have the necessary PowerShell (or other) commands to do this so we can script the change after the install or prior to the install.