Changing the IMAGE ID of a docker image?

prusso@yoga:~$ sudo docker image ls
[sudo] password for prusso: 
REPOSITORY        TAG         IMAGE ID       CREATED        SIZE
dolfinx/dolfinx   v0.6.0-r1   71751c3cd13d   5 months ago   3.35GB

Is there a way to change the IMAGE ID to a more friendly type of alpha numeric name or something like it?

What about backing up to a file by a tag name? Is such a thing possible? I see a command to use the image id which is a little bit tough to type out each time the code.

The image id is calculated from the content of the image, you can’t customize it, but you don’t need to. USe the tags instead. In your case it is:


So docker run would be something like this:

docker run --rm -it dolfinx/dolfinx:v0.6.0-r1 sh

That is just the syntax. It may not work with that image depending on the entrypoint and whether it has a shell or not.