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Clarifications on WSL2 and Docker on Windows 10 Home

I’ve read in the blog post that because of the huge improvements in WSL2 and that it will ship a real Linux Kernel on Windows, Docker can run smoothly even on Windows 10 Home users. But I’ve read somewhere that WSL2 still requires Hyper-V which isn’t available in Win10 Home. What should I expect or what should I do?

WSL2 will be available for Win Home, read this blog post from Microsoft. On the Docker side a preview of a new Desktop version is announced for this month, as you can read here.
Don’t forget that for the moment WSL2 is still an Insider Preview, not a released product.

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I have wsl2 running on my windows 10 home laptop (build 18945) but Desktop WSL 2 Tech Preview Installer is not happy with my win10 home license.

Docker Desktop requires Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise version 15063 to run.

I suspect the docker installer just needs to do some different OS/version detection before it’ll work.

Anyone working for docker care to comment?

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Not working for Docker, but someone has already opened an issue on Github.