Docker Desktop on Windows 11 Home

Is it safe to install Docker 4.22.0 on a Windows 11 Home machine ?
Do I need to disable Hyper-V or/and enable WSL2 ? I already have WSL2 with Ubuntu 20.04.

Yes, Docker Desktop runs on Windows 11 Home with WSL2 backend, which is the preferred backend anyway.

Since you already use a WSL2 distribution, there is no need to do anything else than install Docker Desktop. It will install a management application, which in turn creates and manages the Docker Desktop backend WSL2 distributions.

It will not touch your existing Ubuntu distribution, though the management application allows enabling the integration of docker with existing distributions.

Just follow the installation instructions:

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As far as I know Hyper-V is not even available in Windows Home. That’s why older Docker Desktop versions could run only on Windows Pro or Enterprise.

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