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Cloudflare - Portainer - Traefik - LAN-IP-Devices


I’m trying to set up a LoadBalancer to connect a lot of WebServers in my LAN’s over Port 443 on my router.
To select the LAN-Host i will take subdomains.


My Hardware-Setting is as follow:
Internet - Router (FritzBox) - LinuxVM with Docker - Portainer - Traefik

Does anybody have done this alredy and can support me?

Thank you for Help!

It seems to me you have the tools for what you want. What is your issue exactly? If you could share a more concrete issue you could get more answer without expecting people to write a long article about the whole process.

I don’t use Traefik altough I want to try it in the near future and I don’t like Portainer so I am not sure I could help you, but if you could tell us what you exactly have problem with, I might have some idea or even a solution, or someone else will have.

Hey rimelek,

thank you for answering!
have you seen the Overview Document (Link)?

Yes. I still don’t know what the real issue is. If you feel you provided all the information we need to help you, please, try to clarify it. Have you tried to configure traefik without success? Was the problem something else? Can you give us a use case which didn’t work with your first try?

Hey rimelek,

now i understand you :grinning:

  • Cloudflare is working (Dynamic-IP conversion to subdomain etc.)
  • My Router is working (Portforwarding, NAT etc.)
  • My Linux-Ubuntu-VM is working on the HP Proliant
  • Docker is working
  • Portainer is working
  • Traefik-Image is working (i see the Dashboard on Port 8080)

I don’t know how to configure the Traefik, to route the connection to a IP-Address with the specific Protocol (tcp/udp) and the specific Port.
So i need Help to configure the Traefik config :hugs:

What i try is, i just want to let the port 443 open on my Firewall/Router. And i want’s the connection SSL-Certified (Key on my Documentation)

  • between Cloudflare and Traefik
  • between Traefik and Web-Server (IP-Address in my LAN)

Thank you for your patience with me :slight_smile:

I assume you create your deployments in Portainer using “stacks” based on compose files. If so, what you are looking for is what container labels (in case of swarm service labels) need to be set to configure the reverse proxy part.

I am still using Traefik1.x with Swarm, as I realy hate the idea that they removed the feature to share certificates amongst nodes using etcd3/consul. The labels changed in Traefik2, so I won’t be able to test the labels I would gather together from the documentation.

And then there is the thing that no one in kubernetes world realy needs Traefik, as plenty of powerfull ingress-controller exist that already do the job… this kind of killed my motivation to get further involve with Treafik. Don’t get me wrong, it IS possible to use it with kubernetes, but it is more complicated to use in that context and the default solutions are already doing everything one could ask for.

Though Traefik definitly is the most comfortable rp you can use with plain docker or swarm.

@rimelek I assume you are familiar with Cloudflare’s caching behavior and their ip obfuscation? It does differ from e.g. how you expect a reverse proxy or loadbalancer to work. I don’t remember the exact problems, but I remember some complications along the line. Just saying: keep in mind it brings its own kind of magic to the table.

No problem :slight_smile:

Just a little. I had an idea, because people used it around me, but I am glad you are here to help :slight_smile:

Can you give me support for another system?

It’s not important for me to use Traefik, i will just use a open source Project (for free) with my Hardware to create a safe (ssl-certified) communication into my Network…

You need to be way more specific to permit someone to help you… If it’s about container, we can give it a shot. If it’s about it-equipment then not so much.

My Hardware is working wery well.
i don’t know, how to configure traefik…

It would be much appreciated, if you re-read the first sentence of my last post again and answer accordingly. So far we received zero details to work with.

I know you want to use Traefik, but may I suggest to take a look at The Nginx Proxy Manager provides a nice ui and is easier to setup for beginners than Traefik.

Hey meyay,

Thank you so mouch.
I have installed the nginx-Proxy, and everything works perfectly!

Thanks a lot!