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Requesting help in setting up Traefik on OMV5 + Docker(Portainer) + Cloudflare


I am trying to set up a way to let all my subdomains communicate via 443 and 80 externally ( exposed ), so that, all the redirecting and routing happens on the NAS.

Thanks to DBTech, I found a nice tutorial with video.
But I got stuck, where I am not able to get the traefik dashboard running on the domain, It runs fine via local ip ( 192.168.x.x:8080 ), I have made sure the ports are open, and within Cloudflare SSL is set to Flexible with HTTPS on.

Few observations,

When I try the domain it fails with Error 522, Connection Timed Out.

When I checked the server status of the traefik application within dashboard, it shows as if there is an error, I am not sure if that is causing it to not work correctly. And I am unaware on how to resolve it.(

Please suggest.