Cloudstor Azure file shares automatically appear on other VMs with incorrect permissions

I am using the Cloudstar azure driver (18.03.1-ce-azure1) to create Azure file shares that are accessible from multiple docker hosts.

I have docker running on two separate VM’s. Each VM starts its container via a docker-compose file. That docker-compose file specificies the volumes, mount points, along with uid, gid, filemode and dirmode settings.

Something seems to have changed in Cloudstor. Now when docker-compose creates a Cloudstor volume on VM #1, it automatically appears in the volume list on VM #2, even before the docker-compose file has been run.

The issue is that after I start docker-compose on VM #1, it creates a volume and runs correctly. When I run docker-compose on VM #2, I get this error:

Configuration for volume uploads-production specifies “filemode” driver_opt 436, but a volume with the same name uses a different “filemode” driver_opt (None). If you wish to use the new configuration, please remove the existing volume “nginx-php_uploads-production” first:
$ docker volume rm nginx-php_uploads-production

Inspection of the docker volume on VM #2 shows that it was somehow auto-created without the parameters originally specified in docker-compose on the other VM. Inspect shows this:

“CreatedAt”: “0001-01-01T00:00:00Z”,
“Driver”: “cloudstor:azure”,
“Labels”: null,
“Mountpoint”: “/mnt/cloudstor/nginx-php_uploads-production”,
“Name”: “nginx-php_uploads-production”,
“Options”: null,
“Scope”: “local”

I’m stumped here. How can I effectively share an Cloudstor volume across these two VM’s without this mysterious new volume auto-creation taking place.