Coding inside a docker container for developpment


I m actually practicing with Docker and I really like it. However, I have some questions about using it in developpment mode.

Actually, I m creating two kinds of applications

  • Using NodeJS plateform
  • Using Spring Framework

I created two dockerfile (I never mix the two inside one project actually), using phusion/base-image and adding what I need (git, gradle, nodejs etc… depending on the techno).


I m developing my applications with Windows, and my production server is Debian based.

When dealing with nodejs modules, there are sometimes compatibility problems, or some differences between both OS.

In that case, I wanted to use docker & volume to develop inside of my local image, and having the same context in dev & production mode. But I m now facing productivity problems :

  • Spring boot with SSH with gradle build manually from the shell prompt for each modifications
  • Restart my nodejs manually (without using nodemon) through SSH


I was wondering so if it was a good idea to develop (I mean in a non-production context) using volume ?

Or am I missing something important when developping with Docker, Spring and NodeJS ?