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College Projects On Docker

I am looking for some ideas(related to docker) for my college project (Bachelor’s degree). I have just completed 3rd year.

Kindly reply me with some project ideas that are not too easy but also not too hard for me . Please help .


I am trying to get an ERP system called ERPNext to be running in Docker. I am not a developer nor very experienced with Docker, so it’s going well, but slow.

ERPNext is being served as a bundle of several services (nginx, mariadb, redis are involved apart from ERNExt itself to name a view) and apparently designed in a way that makes it impossible to separate those completely (which I am told would be the ideal scenario).

Let me know whether that looks like something that might interest you


Thanks for your reply.

The offer is indeed interesting but I am afraid whether it would be an appropriate project for me as a B.Tech project. I suppose the B.Tech project is about solving some glitches in the already existing software or creating a new feature in the existing software to make it more useful.
I am looking for such kind of projects.

P.S. I’ll be more than happy to contribute in your project after my B.Tech project is complete but that will take around 2 and half months .

I bet a cool, and hopefully not too intimidating project, would be to write your own volume or network plugin.

this is geting off-docker now but for the ERP System I was talking about there are a lot of things that could be added. It is written in python mainly. Practically that would be writing an App for the frappe framework which ERPNext is build upon. I m not a developer but I heard ppl saying it is a nice framework to work with.

So, if you here interested in such a project I could point you to some things that could be worked on

Do you think developing a network plugin which will be logging network connections would be a good project for Master degree? Supposedly, is it hard to write it up? I’m not experienced with docker

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