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Compose built into docker?

Hello, I’m new to docker. Just installed it on Ubuntu Server 21.10 via the PPA. Docker Engine version 20.10.11.
docker: ‘compose’ is not a docker command. I thought compose was built into Docker now?

The official documentation shows that I should run “docker compose up”

however when I do so it says: docker: ‘compose’ is not a docker command.

It is not built into Docker. You still need to download it from github and move it into ~/.docker/cli-plugins/ as docker-compose

Via the PPA? Can you share which repo you mean?

There is a build-in compose command which is part of the docker-cli package provided by docker’s own repos. But it only targets cloud deployment. So practicaly it is build-in, but is effictivly not a replacement for docker-compose. The download @rimelek pointed you to is.

N.B: even though many docker re-distributions exist, there is no guaranty they have feature parity and behave exactly like the official version.