Configure Docker Desktop Container 'actions'

Hi all, I searched this forum, the documentation, stackoverflow, etc,

  • Issue type

Icons to open terminal, pause, stop container is missing from Docker Desktop.

  • OS Version/build

Windows 10 Enterprise / 19044.1826

  • App version


I “believe” that I followed the same steps for previous Docker Desktop App (v4.10.1) and I see the Open Terminal Icon.

  • Steps to reproduce

I download the windows installer, configured the WSL2 backend.

I expect to see the open Terminal Icon (icon that looks like command line)

But in this install (v4.11.1) I see that the “Open Terminal Icon” is missing:

I suspect that it is something with WSL, but I am not sure. Can anyone provide some advice?

Thank you.

It looks like it has something to do with the image files themselves. I removed them and reattached the getting-started and it works as expected. The container continues to run and does not immediately exit when started.

I used this tutorial How To Keep Docker Container Running For Debugging ( to keep the container running.

The “Open Terminal” option is only available for running containers. On your screenshot, nothing was running.