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Docker Desktop does not show the correct container statuses

I am working with Docker Desktop for Windows Version 3.3.3 (64133) and the WDL2 subsystem. We have one container structure with four containers.

Since recently, after starting the container structure, the statuses of the containers remain being displayed as “EXITED”, although the containers are running.

To be a bit more precise: One of the containers is configured using “restart: always”. After Docker Desktop has started and the dashboard is opened, that container is displayed as “RUNNING”. I then click the start button for the whole container structure, and usually after a while all containers are displayed as “RUNNING”. Since recently, this does not happen any more. The remain being displayed as “EXITED”. However, one of them being a php-apache server, another one a phpmyadmin instance, I can use everything in a browser - a sign that the containers are running.

Also if I would try to start either of these containers individually by clicking their dedicated start button, docker would show an error message saying that the container is already running.

Is anyone else having this issue?