Configure k8s components - how?


I’m using the following version of docker on win10:
Version 18.06.0-ce-win72 (19098)
Channel: stable

I’m using the Kubernetes shipped with Docker, works fine.
What I would need is to configure the k8s apiserver with some additional options (pass in something like " --enable-admission-plugins and such things).

So how you can configure the shipped k8s options? Where to look, what to edit?

Thanks in advance!

Progressed with this, by execing into MobyVM I was able to edit under /etc/kubernetes/manifests the appropriate yaml for the apiserver. Now it’s running with the additional options, it restarted the pod automatically.

One thing remains, I would need to reconfigure the kubelet also, which doesn’t have a yaml config available.
It seems it’s started with /usr/bin/ on boot, but if I edit this file it will not survive a reboot.