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Configuring Proxy Authentication for Pull

(Shocko) #1

Guys, running docker for windows behind a corporate proxy. how to configure authentication against that proxy when doing things likes pulls?

(Aaryabhatt) #2

go to settings and then proxy and set the value of proxy there

(Shocko) #3

Thanks for taking the time to reply but I’m aware of that config item. How to I configure authentication though? My proxy requires username and password to be submitted.

(Aaryabhatt) #4

pass the username and password like below
like you pass in url, one more thing special character in not allowed in password, here %40 is ansi code for some special character in password, you have to search ansi code for you special character in password and replace it in password

(Shocko) #5

Many thanks! That’s it! I had a # in the password so had to use code %23. All working now. Thanks for taking time to help me out.

(Shocko) #6

Also, just in case anyone else comes across this. I found that this only works when in windows container mode and not if in Linux container mode!