Configuring Proxy Authentication for Pull

Guys, running docker for windows behind a corporate proxy. how to configure authentication against that proxy when doing things likes pulls?

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go to settings and then proxy and set the value of proxy there

Thanks for taking the time to reply but I’m aware of that config item. How to I configure authentication though? My proxy requires username and password to be submitted.

pass the username and password like below
like you pass in url, one more thing special character in not allowed in password, here %40 is ansi code for some special character in password, you have to search ansi code for you special character in password and replace it in password

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Many thanks! That’s it! I had a # in the password so had to use code %23. All working now. Thanks for taking time to help me out.

Also, just in case anyone else comes across this. I found that this only works when in windows container mode and not if in Linux container mode!

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