Connect from Docker for Mac container to container on existing overlay network?

Hi all,

I have an existing set of containers on a Linux host running Docker 1.13.0 that are all on a single overlay network backed by a Consul k/v store (the daemon has --cluster-advertise eth0:2376 --cluster-store consul://localhost:8500 set; the network is called mynet). From that Linux host, I can attach to any one of these containers and successfully ping any other container.

With this in place, I’m trying to start a container in Docker for Mac, connect it to the overlay network started on the Linux host, and then ping a container on my Linux host from a container on my Mac. In my Docker for Mac daemon configuration, I’ve set up

"cluster-advertise": "eth0:2376",
"cluster-store": "consul://my-linux-box-running-consul:8500"

With this set, Docker for Mac successfully starts, and when I run docker run --network mynet alpine sh, I can see that hostname resolution is working when I try to ping containers, but no packets are actually getting through:

/ # ping node-1.mynet
PING node-1.mynet ( 56 data bytes
--- node-1.mynet ping statistics ---
9 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss

I’m assuming that the problem is that what I have set for --cluster-advertise isn’t enough to let containers from my Linux machine communicate with the daemon running in Docker for Mac, but I’m not quite sure what the right way to do this is what with the VM running on the Mac and all.

Anyone have any suggestions of how I might get this to work?