Connect to remote docker host

How can I connect my local docker client to a remote docker host on my network?

I have a ubuntu server box on my local network on which I intend to setup my containers. However, at this point, I have to SSH into that box from my development box manually and then run the containers.

I attempted to set the $DOCKER_HOST environment variable on my development box and also ensured that the 2376 port is opened on the docker host box. But when I tried to run the docker commands, but I keep getting the message:

Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?

P.S. Is there a way to configure my docker host to bind the docker server to a different hostname and port?

Ensure that the -H flag for docker daemon running on the remote instance is set to whatever you desire (e.g. You will likely have to edit /etc/systemd/system/docker.service and restart the daemon for this. The daemon only listens on a UNIX socket at /var/run/docker.sock by default.

If you expose the API on the public internet (or even in a shared local Intranet) please use TLS. Otherwise anyone with access to the Docker API will have effective root prvileges on that server.

i am using jenkins server on cloud machine and configured yet another plugin
i want to add docker as slave in jenkins .How to use this ?

previously ,configured jenkins and docker in same machine and its working fine .

Hi, does this require the option --tlsverify or is --tls sufficient? Will my docker daemon accept connections using any certificate when using --tls instead of --tlsverify?

In order to connect to a remote Daemon running on any server machine please follow the below steps.
Identify the Host machine where the Docker Client is running.
If the Docker Client Machine is a Linux Machine. Please run the below command that connects to the remote docker Daemon.

export DOCKER_HOST=ssh://administrator@

The above command will establish the ssh connection to the remote machine and all the docker command get executed on the remote machine.

If the Docker Client Machine is a Windows Machine. Please run the below command to obtain the same result as above.


If one wants the docker client to use the old Docker daemon running on the client server. Please reset the value of the environment variable to empty.

In WIN : $env:DOCKER_HOST=" "
In Linux : export DOCKER_HOST=’ ’