Connecting to Docker Container and Exporting it with DHCP Capable Network Setup

Hi All,

I’m new to Docker software. I was able to install docker engine on a Ubuntu VM. I created a docker container and installed Apache inside it.

Now I want to export my docker container to a windows machine and run the Apache server on that windows machine.

I was able to open port 80 on the container and connect to the open port from the Virtual machine which has the private IP of ( the container has the IP )

But my concern is can I connect to the Docker container from my notebook which has the IP ( currently it is not ) and when I export the container and host it on a Windows PC, what should I do to connect it to the LAN of that Windows machine is connected?

Hi All,

Sometimes my little knowledge on Docker implementation leads my previous question in this thread. I was able to create a docker container with Apache2 and I export it to a windows machine’s start to Docker tool-box version 1.10.2

When I run the Windows Docker quick start terminal it gives the I.P. to access the Docker container. I was able to login to the docker container with docker username and tcuser password.

I can access the Apache web-server from my Laptop itself which has the docker container running but not from any other PC of my LAN. Why is that pls ?

My LAN’s Subnet is -
My Laptops IP is -
My Docker container IP is -