Connecting to swarm master from desktop

I’ve got a swarm created & running in Azure (via Docker for Azure)… I can also connect to it via SSH. However I’m trying to figure out if (and if so, HOW) I can have the docker CLI connect to it from my laptop and issue commands remotely.

For instance, I have an app defined in in a docker-compose.yml file… I’d like to start this up in the swarm without having to connect SSH into the swarm master, download the docker-compose.yml and run it frmo there. Rather I’d like to point the CLI => my Azure swarm.

If you can do that, how? Zero exp with Swarm admittedly… so far I’ve been doing this with Docker Cloud (but not with Docker for Azure). Also… assuming you can do this, how do you undo it and point the CLI to your local docker machine?

I usually setup a SSH tunnel as described here:

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