Container config issue

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue with configuring Docker containers.

I’m running Orthanc (a dicom image viewer) through Docker on a yoctolinux machine.

I can configure the container and run it fine, but if the computer cycles power the container won’t restart. I can make the container restart on power cycle but the configurations are gone.

I’ve tried making the configuration file (orthanc.json) persistent but the documentation says the “–rm” and “–restart always” commands are mutually exclusive and can’t be run together. I’ve also tried the update command to modify the container after it was created, with no luck.

So basically, I can reboot the machine with no configured settings, or I can configure it and never ever ever turn it off ever.

This seems like it should be such a basic thing to do. Am I completely missing something here?

Thanks for any help.

May I suggest to at least read the documentation for docker run once and see for yourself what each and every option of your run command actualy does?

Well, It was worth a try. Thanks anyway.