Restart=always not loading container config

I’m having an issue running my docker containers in windows with restart=always.

Basically let’s say I have a sonarr container with a /config volume with its config. When I restart my computer the container starts but sonarr is empty, it didn’t load the config from /config. If I console into the container I can go to /config and see all the files/folders in /config and it matches my windows filesystem. If I do a mkdir the folder shows in the console but not in my windows filesystem so there is clearly a disconnect.

What is strange is if I manually restart the container (docker restart sonarr) it loads the /config and everything is fine. So I mean the data is there nothing is lost but the data isn’t loaded.

if I don’t use restart=always and just start the container manually, no issues everything loads fine.

docker run --privileged -d
–name sonarr
-p 8989:8989
-e PUID=0 -e PGID=0
-v //f/docker/sonarr/config:/config
-v //f/Downloads/TV:/tv
-v //f/Downloads/TV-Processing:/downloads
–restart=always -d
–net mynet123

I’ve literally just logged what I think is exactly the same issue here:

Does that match what you’re seeing?

Yea sounds about the same, also did some more searching and found our issue may be the same as this issue posted September 2016 as to which there is no fix:

for now I’ve created a workaround, just a script to start my containers after a 5 minute delay on startup, not pretty but it works.