Container disappeared after network settings change [CLOSED]

I know that I am in over my head with this stuff but I am trying desperately to learn.

I have Docker running on Open Media Vault and I was trying to install a reverse proxy for NextCloud using a youtube video. I had installed NextCloud using a previous video. The new video told me to add extra arguments to the container to set the network. As soon as I did that the container errored out. I think the reason for it is that Docker saw it in two different networks.

Suddenly the container is gone from the Docker. I can see it referenced on the Docker network settings tab (I removed the dup entry). If I go to shellinabox I can restart that container but it doesn’t start nor do I see it in the Containers area. Any help would be greatly appreciated - I searched but didn’t find anything quite like this.

I ended up re-creating the container