Container is not running

Hello, I’m a total newbie to Docker and I apologize in advance for asking such basic questions.

I paid someone to install Docker and this image on a remote server for me: Docker

I tried to login today after TWO MONTHS absence.

I got the message that “container is not running”

Blockquote # docker exec -ti -u $UID root-photoprism-1 bash
Error response from daemon: Container 6ccc9db738ca9c46dc277bff33c743d2a72afeb00 is not running

Took me forever to figure out all I needed to do was this:

Blockquote docker restart 6ccc9db738ca9c46dc277bff33c743d2a72afeb00

My question: is there a simple answer to why the container stopped running? Is there a time limit and it stops after a period of non-use? Is there a setting to keep it from stopping?

Please share the logs of your stopped docker container. Another question is that if the remote server is getting restarted after some period of time??

There are different container restart modes you can set (doc).

Maybe your provider restarted the VM and the mode is not set correctly.