Container not accessible from MAC Docker Desktop

Hi ,

Am new to docker, just trying my hands on with my first docker app on MAC Docker Desktop.

Am running docker version: 19.03.5
Downloaded a vote app from docker samples git hub, created a new image out of it, started running a container out of the image created.

Container running successfully, but an unable to access the app via neither the container IP nor the localhost.

my_sample_app kamvasud$ docker inspect 8be777d653fa | grep IPAddress
“SecondaryIPAddresses”: null,
“IPAddress”: “”,
“IPAddress”: “”,
my_sample_app kamvasud$

App Info:

the same works fine when I run my app without containers.
like: python (now my local host port 80 is accessible)

can anyone let me know if am missing anything here?

Found the issue where port was not exposed to the local host, resolved the issue !!