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Container problem on Synology Docker

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First at all i’m sorry if this question isn’t in the good section of this forum.
If it’s the case, could you please, tell me where i need to put my question.

My problem:

I have a synology dedicated for MediaCenter purpose, I want to use bazarr (subtitle download app).
I successfully installed docker on my syno and working fine.
I successfully found, deployed and installed Bazarr on docker.

I ran the application once and do a misstake, i have change the binding ip address in the Bazarr config URL.
Originaly set at I changed to and reboot <== the mistake.
Since this change, I’m unable to access to the UI url.

I have try a lot of things

  • Delete container and re install: nok
  • shutdown the container, clear and boot: nok
  • Clear, Delete, Reinstall: nok
  • Try to set an IP address: nok

For me, i have set an ip in the Bazarr application and docker respond on the loopback IP( and not the ip of the synology.
I’ve made the test with another container, if I setup another app, config, add content, delete it and re-install it. => I recover all my data enter in the app.

If anyone can tell me how to set manually an IP on a container hosted on synology.
How to completely clear a container on docker hosted on synology.

Thank a lot.