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Containerize a github project

As part of an internship, I am learning how to communicate with docker, I have seen some tutorials for the moment but I would like to start testing.

I would like to know how we can containerize a project on github knowing that it contains several installations (datasets, packages etc …) and several nodes … How can we run a project in a docker image?

thank you

Its hard to say without seeing it.
But the way to do it would be to create a Dockerfile (a file that contains the recipe of an image) and roughly do the same commands as you would do to get it running on a server

Thank u for your answers.

and for the different data should these be installed inside the docker container, or we can install them on our house and specify the path.

Here is an example of the application that I would like to wrap in a docker image:

And in the case for example where we can do all our installations inside the docker container, can we exceed the size limit of 10GB?

If its large amount of data, I would map it into the container as volumes, so the application itself is in a container, and whatever you feed it with, can be mounted in

the problem is that inside the container, while I was downloading my data, it showed me at one point that there is no more space … and when I inquired I saw that it should not exceed 10GB per image.

Otherwise I ask my question again, compared to the git project I posted, is it just enough to run the same commands in the dockerfile? or are there specificities specific to each project?

I just read and understand the concept of data volumes on docker. thank you so much

I still need an answer compared to my other question if possible