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Containerize MS Project

Hello everyone,
I need to containerize MS Project, I mean how to create an image (docker file) that install MS Project in windows container.
Thanks in advance

Switch to Windows containers on Docker desktop in the menu and follow the instructions of Microsoft to create a Dockerfile

I am not sure this will work…

Last time I checked MS Project was a desktop application. Afaik Windows containers still don’t support desktop applications - there is simply no way to access the application window.

It might be worth a shot to try if Wine is able to run MS Project on Linux. If so, there are plenty of examples on dockerhub of images that run Windows applications in Wine on Linux. Though, such a solution will always lack the “clean” touch.

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Oh… I misunderstood. I thought MS project means any project with microsoft technology. So agree with you.

Or maybee I mistunderstood :slight_smile:

Thanks for response, MS Project is a Microsoft application that is used in engineering projects management, it is sometimes added to MS Office package as an option.
I mean I have an core mvc application to manage engineering projects, my application can create .mpp files (MS Project files), It works fine on my pc because my pc has MS Project installed, but when I deploy my application to azure, it can not create .mpp files because azure does not have MS Project, so I want to containerize my application with MS Project to enable my application to produce .mpp files on any server.

Seems I was right then about the desktop application :slight_smile: I used to use MS Projects a lot in the past… god I hated it.

Nevertheless, it seems like you are not realy interessted in the desktop application itself, but rather in the libraries in brings to the table. it might change the whole angle, as you don’t need to access the application window itself. At the same time the Wine on Linux approach seems unsuited for your needs.

This one is probably better to answer from someone that actualy tried to add one of the office applications inside a container, just to have it’s libraries to be consumed by core.

That is right my application uses library to create .mpp files, it works fine on my pc where my pc has ms project on it, but any host server does not have ms project,
so I want to containerize ms project with my core application to let the library work.
Thanks for responses.