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[Solved] Example of Windows for Windows


(Dave Mackey) #1

I’d love to see an example of using Docker to build a Windows container rather than Linux containers. Since we are using Docker for Windows it makes sense that we would be using Docker to run Windows instances - otherwise why not just run Docker on Linux?

I’m sure this gets a little complicated - due to Microsoft’s software being proprietary - but it is hard to really feel how Docker for Windows will enhance productivity unless one sets up a Windows container. Right?

I plan on doing this myself - but it would be really helpful to have a guide and some best practices…especially if you want to give folks an easy way to test real use cases.

(Michael Friis) #2

@davidshq this is a great topic.

Currently, Docker for Windows does not support developing Windows containers, it’s purely a development environment for building and running Linux containers.

To get started with Windows containers, check out Microsooft’s documentation:

The community has started creating Dockerfiles for building Windows containers - check those out and start experimenting yourself to get a feel for what Docker Containers for Windows is going to be like:

(Mario Pietsch) #3

You may have a look here: and

IMO the biggest problem for windows atm is, that docker and the underlying tech is not part of the “stable consumer branch” yet. So usage is kind of tricky if you only have one PC, that is needed for other things too :slight_smile:

(Dave Mackey) #4

Thanks @friism and @pmario, I guess I forgot / overlooked that. :slight_smile: