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Containers disappeared

(Rsesha) #1

We ran out of space on our "containers" SAN volume and our UNIX team extended the volume. After the reboot, none of the docker containers or images were available. docker ps -a and docker images both report zero entries. The /var/log/messages file complains about the mount points for the containers are not available and after checking, they are missing from /dev/mapper. This is redhat linux.

Any thoughts?


Are you sure that extending the SAN volume keeps the data as is and just grows the block device?
If so how does the device-mappe know about the changed SAN volume.

For Docker-EE the comaptiblity matrix states, that RHEL 7.5 only supportes the overlay2 storage driver. The support stops with RHEL7.4. Though, if you are on Docker-CE this is probably worth nothing, since your installation already is not supported by docker (as in: you can raise a support ticket @DockerInc.).