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Convert From DeviceMapper To ThinPool

(Shaunglass) #1

Good Day,

We are converting from using devicemapper to thinpool on the last of our Docker Servers. I just cannot quiet confirm if we have sufficient disk space so that I may shrink the Logical Volume enough.

We have as follows :

# df -h
/dev/mapper/vgData-lvData1 187G 119G 68G 64% /data1

This contains generic data and all of the docker data … for docker it is as follows :

# du -hs
61G docker

… more specifically :

# du-hs
24K builder
932K containerd
2.1M containers
55G devicemapper
110M image
216K network
40K plugins
8.0K runtimes
33M swarm
8.0K tmp
8.0K trust
6.0G volumes

Do I need a thinpool larger than 55G to be safe since devicemappper is 55G ?