Corrupted container filesystem after v2v conversion

I had two docker containers running under a centos 0s 6.7 guest in AWS. I used the vmware converter tool to ‘virtualize’ the aws instance so that I could run the instance within my own vCenter. The v2v conversion work - the guest os booted fine in my vCenter and one of the containers started fine, but the other one failed to start with an error, saying something like docker couldn’t find a valid filesystem.

I am running the loopback filesystem, which I know is not recommended for production.

Are there any tools to help repair the docker filesysystems?

I would like to know if there is a recommended way to backup a running docker machine such that upon restore, everything works as expected.

Should I have performed a LVM snapshot prior to the conversion? Would that actually have help? Is, docker LVM aware?

Any feedback on anyone else experiencing docker filesystem corruption after backup / restores, or other p2v or v2v conversions?