Create a private repository in out local data center rather than docker hub

Hi everyone,
i want to create a local repository rather that pushing into docker hub . how do i store my images , container into any server which is located into my local data center rather than pushing into Docker hub ,

i want that will do automatically , so when ever i create images ,or create container it goes directly to my local server , nfs or anywhere in local datacenter , so i dont have to push to docker hub . because creating a images or container took space so i want to get rid of that and store all my images into locally into another server .

can we do that , and if yes how .

Please Help …

Have a look at

There is even a page on how to make your own registry (i.e. your own docker hub) .

It looks quite painless… just configure your storage and run the docker. You can even configure an SMTP server for notifications.