Docker Images hosting in private repositories in our own servers

Hello all,I am working in a multinational company and i am looking for a way/solution so that i can use our own cloud/repositories to host docker images.We can not host docker images of our code build on docker public or private repositories,i understand private repositories are only accessible by me but still my org dont want to host code outside org.
So is there any way or we can set up repositories in our own servers which are not accessible outside world ?

Depends on what you mean by “not accessible [from the] outside world”.

If it means “only accessible by a self specified organisation or group”, the easiest way would be to use the pay-to-use offering on Dockerhub or for private repositories.

If it means “only accessibly within a closed network, not connected to the internet”, you are looking for a self hosted private repository server. The easy road: Nexus3, Artefactory and Gitlab allow to easily setup a secure (as in user management/tls connection) image repository. If you want to run a dedicted image repository, you might want to look at - though, this one is a little bit trickier to get up and running.

If you hold an active Docker Enterprise subscription, you are entitled to run a Docker Trusted Registry, which is very easy to setup.

is all you need :slight_smile:

You can run your own.