Create base Ubuntu Image with a kernel patch


I have searched over the internet and I can’t really find anything that could clear my confusion regarding this.

I need to apply a patch to the linux kernel for BLE stack and then use that kernel to create a Ubuntu base image for docker.

I have looked at creating a base image using tar from here:

But I am confused how I will patch the kernel. Sorry if it’s a very noob question.

Thanks for the help.

What makes you think, that the linux kernel would be part of a docker (base) image? It is merely a set of loosly files that make up the typical tooling of the os. No kernel, no booting, no os level services started by default…

Whatever you are looking for… shipping (patched) kernels is not feasable with docker images/containers.

Thanks for the guidance. You are right shipping patched kernels is not the right approach here.

I will mark this fixed