Create First container and make service

Hello everybody,

I recently created a webapp and now want to look into making this application available to potential customers.

The application itself runs on LAMP.

I am looking for a solution that will allow me create instances of this application on the fly. I read about containerization and that’s how I ended up on this forum.

Could you help me with info how I would make a container out of my app (currently runs an virtual machine).

Are there any services available that will then do the following for me:

  • Set up a payment plan for potential customers.
  • Upon receiving payment, deploy a new container.
  • Create subdomain (E.G or and make this container available.
  • Potential take care of updates (E.G when I update a php page, update it in all running containers)

I know I ask a lot, but this is my first app I made.

So in short, I will be very happy is you help me:

  • Info of the above
  • Is there any open source software that could help me achieve the above
  • Is there a payed service that does all of the above. This would be best case.
  • Could you share alternative ways on how I could achieve the above, but maybe trough other options. Even if not using containers, and I just did not know of the other option.
  • Any good info so I can start learning :blush:

Thank you for helping me!

sorry English is not my best :blush:


Bert Viane