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Starting a SaaS from Laravel application with Docker

Dear everyone,

I’m completely new to Docker. I discovered Docker when I was looking for a solution for SaaS. Me and a colleague have made a webstore platform in Laravel 5.8.

Now, we would like to introduce this as a SaaS, where users can register a new webstore so that they get a subdomain and can access this webstore and webstore-dashboard from their subdomain.

We already have the webstore and dashboard working: it works with a MySQL database and some payment API’s from PayPal.

All the database data and maybe some configuration files (such as PayPal API credentials) should be in a container (if I understood correctly).

When I was looking where to start, I came across alot of terminology such as CaaS, PaaS, and more. I felt quite overwhelmed.

When jumping in a project like this: where to start? How / where can I learn how to get this Laravel project of us running as a SaaS as explained above? Is there anything that can put us in the right direction?

Thank you for reading and kind regards,