Create own Docker compose


I hear a lot about docker and was playing around with docker container and images and I do like docker a lot, but I do not find an answer yet for what I want for myself.
At the moment, I am working with vagrant and VM, but I think docker would be a better choice for the future.

But I do not find my way in, to make my own special docker container and images.
I have read about composer and do container for my own purpose.
What I do have in mind is a “basic” Docker container with for example Typo3 with my own extensions, DB, gulp, path etc, which I can edit and refactor for the next use.

Is there any articels/tuts how to achieve this goal you can recommend me?

Thank you



Have you read through [Overview of the get started guide | Docker Docs](“Build your own image”) and the rest of the official “Get Started with Docker” guide?

Almost all of the containers I’ve seen have been fairly lightly customized and they tend to only do a single thing. I’d recommend against trying to install a database in a container; instead, use the standard mysql or postgres or mariadb images in your Docker Compose file. Install your JavaScript application in a separate image. Within the context of a specific image, it’s often easier to install software into, say, /usr/local and leave $PATH alone.

Do use docker build, a lot. Do commit your Dockerfile to source control. Don’t use docker commit.

Hello Dave,

thank you very much for your hint.

I think, this will help me, to get a better understanding.