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Creating CentOS docker containers

(Hmsdefender) #1

I have found plenty of instructions for building CentOS based containers, but the instructions I’ve come across only show you how to build a CentOS container with the same version of the OS as the host system. I am currently running CentOS 7, but I need a CentOS 6.5 container. Is it possible to install a different version of the OS, or even a different OS altogether, into a container using Docker hosted on CentOS 7? I am working with Docker on a private network, so I cannot access publically available container repositories.

(Ranjandas) #2


Yes, you can run containers based on any linux distribution. The only thing you need to do is to pull the corresponding Docker image from the Docker hub.

To get a CentOS 6.5 image on your Docker host running CentOS 7 (or any other docker host) you can execute the following command.

docker pull centos:6.5

Now as you don’t have access to public container repositories, you will have to get the docker image as a tarball from any docker host which has access to Docker Hub.

The steps are as follows.
First from a Docker host that has access to internet do the following steps.

docker pull centos:6.5
docker save -o centos-6.5.tar centos:6.5  #this will save the image to a tar file name centos-6.5.tar

Now bring the centos-6.5.tar to your machine and load it to docker.

docker load -i centos-6.5.tar