Creating Docker Autobuilds with TFVC as the version control

So here’s a question that I’ve been wondering and I’m not entirely sure where to start on this one, as there’s a lot of variables at play, and I’m not entirely sure on all of the answers here.

Let’s say that I’m looking to build an agent within TFS version 16.141.28106.2, and from what I’ve gathered from the documents, there are two ways to actually build the agents for an automated build: this one:

however, I’ve noted that the documents specifically state that this requires Azure DevOps or Azure DevOps Server. What I’m wondering: is making an agent using this method actually impossible? When I reach around this level :

docker run -e AZP_URL= -e AZP_TOKEN= -e AZP_AGENT_NAME=mydockeragent dockeragent:latest

I’m noting that we’re asking for Azure DevOps instance. And while I clearly have a TFS instance, TFS has basically become what is Azure DevOps. Does that mean that this method simply isn’t possible?

I figured out what was going on here, I had used NT AUTHORITY as the User Account for the service, and this did not have actual access to the destination folders. After changing the User Account, the problem ceased to exists.